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Since the dawn of time there have been tales of great empires and even greater wars. There are even some tales that tell of a world destroyed and rebuilt time after time, leaving evidence for all to see in the landscapes and ruins of the wild. The ruins of once ancient cities dot the landscape, both above and below the ground. In some places the memories are carved not in stone, but into the very hills and valleys, huge scars, visible to those who know their significance.

Ever since the start, Dragos has been a world of mysteries, and not just those of the uncharted wilderness, but also those pathways of the undercities, and the gateways between the many planes. few living in the civilized regions of the world give any thoughts to how tentative their existences and peace really are. That said, even the smallest of villages is a bastion of strength against the wilderness and a world that seems set on destroying all signs of civilization and organization. Even in the remotest locations people have tried to build homes, villages, and cities, and while some succeed, there are many that exist only as rumor, myth, and legend, in places far from the eyes of seekers.

Aside from the legends, it is people’s belief in the gods, magic, and the marvels of the world that keep the striving towards a better, and more stable existence. Those who do not allow the marvels and dangers of the world into their thinking are either blind, or ignorant, and usually end up dead in very short order. Because people do believe that wonders are possible, and if you know where to look, you can see tall spires rise from distant mountains, evidence of the faith and building prowess of the dwarves. Trails are blazed by Eladrin travelers that take them from the wilds of Dragos into the Faewild, and back again. And “because it’s there, and because I can” is the byword of those who travel the vast wilderness looking for dread creatures, and challenges that only the foolhardy would dare to consider.

Those living in locations far from the hubs of civilization are more than aware that the dangers of the wild are not limited to large predators and the occasional carnivorous plant. Instead they tell of creatures that fly on wings of fire, spitting liquids capable of melting flesh, metal, or even stone. Some of the remotest places tell of tribes and cities built by all kinds of monstrous creatures, but it is only the bravest that dare investigate these tales.

A number of great cities act as major hubs for trade, commerce, slavery, cultural exchange, and many other activities of society. These interactions are generally conducted in open and honest manner, but the darkness within the living heart can spark tensions along any number of social, cultural and racial lines. Just strolling down the street of some cities it is possible to see the diverse makeup of the populations. Eladrin traders may sell faewild trinkets to dwarven children, and tieflings endure the suspicious gazes of humans and dragonborn, or any number of other activities and racial combinations. As often as not, these cities would not exist without an often overwhelming numbers of humans, who tend towards the most tolerance of people’s differences, and as a race are by far the most adaptable to any conditions.

Legends are passed down from generation to generation of people brave enough to change the world; brave, or foolhardy enough to fight for a cause bigger than survival, or politics. Depending on the times they may be called heroes, visionaries, or villians. Regardless of the labels applied, these people are the trailblazers, pioneers and destroyers who have carved their way through events, and shaped the world around them. Compared to the average settlement, the number of those who make the legends is few, but fewer still are those who’s names are uttered with the awe, respect and reverence reserved for the gods themselves. Regardless, it is these few who’s legends survive the passing of generations, and even millennia.

Among these great legends are those who tap into powers that even the bravest dare not to call upon. Some call on the fury within their souls, others the power of their faith, while some make deals with powers greater than themselves. Whatever the source of the power, it grants those who can call on it access to feats and spells potent enough to turn the tides of battle, to reshape aspects of the world, or even face off against the gods. Thankfully, for the fate of the world itself, those who can call on these powers are few, and those capable of world shaping feats even fewer still.

It is just as well, in many respects, that this is the case, for too much power in mortal hands presents the risk of destroying the world. It was this way many times in the past, when the greatest and most powerful of the magic wielders walked the world. The world was shaped by the very footsteps of great powers during the time of the war between the gods and primordials. Each power sought to shape the primal essences to their own beliefs. The primordials sought to create, destroy and re-create time after time, always creating something new, with no permanence or repetition. The gods aimed to take those creations and forge them into something substantial, forcing rules and control into the chaos. The wars were long, and hard fought, but the gods eventually won out, exiling, trapping, or imprisoning the primordials.

Because of the risks to the world, the gods stepped aside from active control, and their influence is now only felt through the actions of their servants, and the prayers of the faithful. Another reason the gods choose to keep their distance is that the war with the primordials left them dangerously weakened, and watchful for a resurgence from their old foes. It is with this in mind that many pray to one or other of the gods, in the hopes that their plights, and needs will be noticed, often in vane.

Introduction | Ancient History | Recent Past | World Shaping Events | Places Of Interest | Organizations

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