Next Game: 8pm (or soon after) on June 22nd 2010!!! – KINGDOM GAMES & COMICS HAS MOVED TO KEY BANK MALL, PALMER

4-13-10 Left Hand, Right Hand
4-6-10 Meetings & Missions
3-30-10 Brief Introductions 2

The world of Dragos is based on many of the same basic assumptions as outlined in the Dungeon Masters Guide, with a few twists.

If you’re interested in joining the campaign, please contact me through the comments.

  • Adventure Log:
    • Game-by-game log of the campaign as it unfolds.
    • Break-down of events that occur between games, where any significant period of time has passed.
  • Wiki:
    • Campaign specific information
    • Information about the world of Dragos
    • Outlines of the communities, societies and people of Dragos
  • Forums: (Will be added later)
  • Maps: (Will be added later)
  • Comments:
    • Does exactly what is says on the packet.
    • Provide player feedback to the DM
    • Comment on campaign/wiki entries

Dragos - Fires Over Hellenasville

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