Wrath Cat


Personality: Quite and shy until angered. Slow to anger and to calm down. More at home in the wilds then cities and crowds. Holds onto grudges and debts owed twords others. Dry and infreqent sence of humor.

Appearance: 7’6” tall 320 lbs rough almost unfinished features. Marbled gray skin with unruly black hair. Rough gravely voice.


Lost his family in land slide when he was 5. Raised by a crazy old hermit answering to the name “old man” that only dealt with wild animals and a local church of Sehanine (the old man was fond of looking at the scantily clad priestesses) The old mad was always rambling on about honer, life, and death. The old Man would wake up from nightmares about “Scaled Horrors” and “Fiery Death”..

Wrath made friends with with local wild animals and a young gnome from the church that was as differnt in form as could be but shared Wraths quiet nature (but for other reasons). The old man was recently burned to death defending his home grove from woodcutters . But Wrath saw to it none of them made it out of the forest alive they were almost as surprised at the violence the “quite one” was capable of as Wrath was. Now his home burnt and gone Wrath looks for a purpose.

Wrath Cat

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