Gnome rouge, hides to abtain a greater advantage.


Appearance: Tan skin and autumn orange hair. Though she loves glittery things she generally wears non-descriptive clothing, pretty much whatever the majority of people around her are wearing. Favors dark colors, easier to blend and hide in, except in snow. Tends to keep back and not draw attention to herself.

Personality: Sometimes seemingly aloof, Kitty does not say all that much, though this does not mean she does not like companionship. She just prefers to hear what others have to say, think about it, and decide how she will use that information. Oh, and sometime others leave her lighter then when the met her.


Kitty really doesn’t know her real name, in she ever had one. She was adopted by a priestess of Sahanine when she was just a babe. It was the typical story, a child abandoned in on the local church steps. At first Kitty had been raised by the entire church but over time her mother, whom she calls Mom, came to care more and more for her. Mom was simply facinated by this child who seemed to know everyone secrets but rarely told them. In fact that was in part how she came by her name, as inqusitive and secretive as a kitten. It didn’t help that there was this one kitten, well really a panther, who she played with on a regular basis. (Quite freqently defiling the holy water).

You see, Mom had a secret of her own, a family secret. Her mom, Kitty’s grandmom, had just managed to escape a prison when she witness a terrible slaughter. Whether or not Grandmom was isn’t really isn’t know. She claims innocent but she never tells how it was she came to be jailed.


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