Dragos - Fires Over Hellenasville

Meetings & Missions

Start Date: 6th April 2010
Location: Kingdom Games & Comics, Palmer, Alaska
Event: Meetings & Missions

Drak decided to follow through with the meeting he had arranged with the House Rath trader, Danealle. Meeting in the agreed alley way, Danealle notes that punctuality is appreciated in his dealings. He led the way through the city to a large trading post, where he explained that the the men who had been chasing him were members of a group known as the Order of the Drakine. They had been trying to retrieve one of three objects, but he didn’t know why. Examining Drak the masks that he was shown, Drak found that they radiated a slight necrotic-aura, and offered to find out why they Drakine had been seeking them, but would need one as a means to open enquiries. Reluctantly, Danealle agreed, and sent Drak on his way.

While Drak was heading back to the Inn of the Broken Moon, Kitty, Wrath and Jacob were meeting with the Order of the Drakine, hoping to get an introduction into the organisation. They were offered the chance to complete a test, which would prove them willing to assist the Order, and ensure that they had the mix of skills to be useful. The watchful eyes of Nimbula watched over the meeting, listening to everything, and observing without comment. The group was offered the choice of two tasks, investigate the ruins of the Citadel of the Three Towers, in the hopes of discovering what had really happened on the day of it’s destruction, or to investigate the reason why a team of Drakine operatives had gone missing in the sewers the base of a tower at the city wall.

Drak arrived around this time, and took up seats near the meeting, hoping to find out more about the Order of the Drakine, and both he and Nimbula found themselves roped into the mission as additional support. Between the five it was decided that the group would tackle the question of the missing Drakine members, since the mystery of the Citadel would still be there afterwards. This pleased the members of the Order greatly, since this was the correct response to the first part of the test.

After grabbing supplies, the mission began with the decent into the sewers of the city. The group was immediately attacked by several armed men, who fought to the last man. Showing restraint, the last man was left alive, but severly intimidated, and was questioned, before being let loose. He confessed that he had been part of a team sent by the Elder Council to investigate the reasons for the Order of the Drakine’s presence in the sewers. As soon as they had entered the sewers they themselves had been attacked, and had defended themselves against the attackers. Unfortunately, none of the attackers at the sewer entrance had been left alive to be questioned, so they had been about to deeper into the complex, when the party arrived. Expecting to be attacked, they had acted first. Finally letting the Elder Council’s agent loose, they watched him run, and heard him shout that there were more deeper inside.

Moving on, the investigators found themselves in a room that looked like the base of the towers, but did not lead up to the ground level, but deeper into the sewers, or down stairs into another chamber. The party found themselves attacked again, and fought their way clear, despite the presence of an archer who attacked from cover. Having cleared the room, the party decided to take a short rest.



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