Dragos - Fires Over Hellenasville

Left Hand, Right Hand

Start Date: 13th April 2010
Location: Kingdom Games & Comics, Palmer, Alaska
Event: Left Hand, Right Hand

Having searched the room at the base of the tower, the party found a few items of value that they would be able to sell on their return to the surface, and decided not to check out the room below until later. Instead the proceeded cautiously down the corridor that led along the underside of the city wall, to emerge into a large room with a raised platform, and evenly placed statues.

From his vantage point at the front Wrath Cat noticed that the figure at the back was wearing a symbol of the Order of the Drakine, while he and his friends were searching the statues, unaware of the parties approach. Of course, this did not prevent other members of the party from rushing forward to take advantage of the element of surprise, and attacking those closest to them. Despite having archers, and close combat specialists, the fight was uneven, and the party prevailed, with the searchers unconscious while the leader (Jacobs) was forced to surrender.

Jacobs identified himself as a priest of the Order, operating on orders from superiors that he would not identify. When asked if he knew Teland, the parties recruiter, he admitted that he did, even if he rarely referred to his college by name (just ‘the recruiter’). The party decided not accept this story at face value, and they split up. One half of the party stayed to guard Jacobs and his men, and the other half went to check the story with Teland. While Teland was unaware of the mission that Jacobs was on, he knew he was not part of the group he had sent the party to find. He requested that the group bring Jacobs and his men to one of the Order’s healing houses, and when the party did this they found that there were no identifying signs of the order’s presence.

Kitty, Nimbula, Wrath and Damien decided that they would continue Jacob’s mission and seek out the five paintings they had believed were hidden in the room with the statues. They located three hidden in a small chamber under one of the statues, and two of them showed a scene that looked similar to the burning of the Citadel of the Three Towers, complete with a dark shape flying up through the flames. Moving on they encountered a break in the stonework, which was apparently the end of the underground construction, except for the fact that the wall had crumbled, and opened into a series of caves.

Moving on into the caves, the group encountered a number of kobolds, who spotted the party coming from some distance, due to the light they carried with them. Of course, the four adventurers made a number of very fast kills, and uncovered another of the missing paintings.

Having no interest in delving through the city sewers, and little in the way of serious ties to the rest of the party, Drak took time to investigate the mysterious necrotic mask that he had acquired from Danealle of House Rath. Making his first stop at one of the cities libraries, where he had assistance from one of his allies, he spent quite some time examining historical, religious, and arcane texts. The few references he could find linked the mask to an entity called Kethalmyre, though he was unable to establish if this was a person, creature, or forgotten deity.

Seeking to spread the search, he moved on to the Temple of Ioun, where he enlisted the help of the High Priestess. She was able to link the name Kethalmyre to a myth of a text called the ‘The Word of Kethalmyre’, and this was where the search hit a wall. The information on ‘The Word’ was sparse, almost criminally so, as if someone had tried to purge any written references to this supposedly subversive text.



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