Dragos - Fires Over Hellenasville

Kobold Encounters

Start Date: 8th & 15th June 2010
Location: Kingdom Games & Comics, Palmer, Alaska
Event: Kobold Encounters

Having taken down the first group of kobolds, the party decides to rest, and recover from their decisive victory. Drak and Nimbula retire from the caverns to investigate some sounds coming from behind the party. So far they have failed to report back on their findings.

After his recovery from his capture at the parties hands, Jacobs decides to send down a team to watch over them, and assist in the recovery of the last of the paintings that his team had been sent to find. This group consisted of three members of the Order of the Drakine, his trusted agent Draken, and two longstanding members, Sky and Tabbz, who arrived in the caverns as Kitty, Wrath and Damien were fighting another group of kobolds.

The arrival of the Order’s members helped turn the tide of the fight, and it wasn’t long before the joint party found themselves under attack from a group of kobold reinforcements. Cleaning up the first group, the party believed they heard a second group of kobolds heading their way, and planned an ambush. However, the kobolds were either aware of the ambush, or had plans of their own, and Wrath opted to take them on head-on, and charged their position. Luck prevented him falling into a pit, which the kobolds had obviously intended to have attackers fall into. Instead, as the battle started, Wrath took great advantage of his larger size, and skills, and threw kobolds into the pit, and as his fellow party members cleaned up above, he dropped into the pit, finishing off those within.

With the caverns finally cleared, the party searched the area, coming up with the last of the paintings, all of which seemed to revolve around a battle. Most disturbingly, this last picture showed a dark shape rising from the Citadel of Three Towers as it burned.



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