Dragos - Fires Over Hellenasville

Brief Introductions 2

Player Introductions (continued)

Start Date: 30th March 2010
Location: Kingdom Games & Comics, Palmer, Alaska
Event: Clues and Introductions

Kitty Decided that she was going to dispose of the paper that she had found in her pocket. After a quick piece of thinking, she decided to place it in someone else’s pocket, and leave the matter there. Unfortunately, she was caught in the act, and it was only the timely intervention of her friend WrathKat that prevented her from being accosted by the intended victim. A brief fight resulted in the victim unconscious on the floor of the bar. WrathKat found the piece of paper that Kitty had planted on the victim before the militia arrived to investigate the fight. He held onto the paper while the militia questioned the patrons, and came up empty.

Meanwhile, Kitty made her way back onto the streets, and encountered militia members seeking out two men, who they claimed to be part of a subversive group, and a danger to the city. Deciding to head back to the inn where she had last seen them, Kitty went to investigate these men for herself, especially since they were with the man who had left the paper in her pocket.

Damian Jacobs was still in the Inn of the Broken Moon when the militia arrived with the flyers, looking for the men from the Order of the Drakine. He informed the militia members that the two men in the pictures had left the inn only a few minutes ago, but could not tell which way they went.

Briefly seated together, Wrathkat and Kitty decide on a course of action, while Damien stands off to one side, listening to the three men at the table. As Kitty decides to go join the men, and find out more about them, and why they had handed her the paper, Wrathkat and Damien take up positions that let them observe the action. It is Damien’s warning that the groups is being watched by a fourth person that prompts Wrathkat to take up a position to watch that individual. Clever use of powers allows all three members of the group to remain in contact while Kitty is advised that the paper was an offer of membership in the organisation the three men belonged to. The goal of this group was to bring about a brighter future for the world, through small acts and the gathering of funds and items that would help move towards this goal. The invitation was extended to all three, and they were advised that they were invited to a meeting the very next day.



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