Dragos - Fires Over Hellenasville

Brief Introductions

Player Introductions

Start Date: 23rd March 2010
Location: Kingdom Games & Comics, Palmer, Alaska
Event: Random Encounters In Hellenasville

Kitty was wandering the streets of Hellenasville looking for a suitable mark, attempting to make a little money for the day. Spotting her target she achieved her objective with the minimum of fuss, only to have the tables turned on her. Checking her pockets she discovered a piece of paper with an emblem drawn on it, a circle with a flame inside it. She followed the pickpocket to the Inn of the Broken Moon, where she was in time to see him take a table by himself, and order three drinks.

Damian Jacobs was washing dishes at home when he spotted a man being wrestled to the ground outside his home. Investigating the incident, he found that two militia guard were arresting a visitor to the city for theft. While they were conducting the arrest, Damian spotted an unusual pendant hanging around the man’s neck. Using his powers, he managed to free the pendant from the man’s neck without being caught. Checking it more closely, he found that it bore a circle with a flame embossed within it. Curiosity got the better of him, and he followed the militia and the alleged criminal to the Inn of the Broken Moon, where he was handed off to three members of the Order of Justice.

While watching people go by in the park, Zartik spotted two men following a third. Choosing to investigate, he followed the three of them towards the Inn of the Broken Moon, where the three of them entered. The man being followed went to his own table, but didn’t order anything. His followers took up positions to one side of the door. Projecting his thoughts into the lone man’s head, he advised that he be ready to make his exit, just wait for the opportunity. At this point Zartik approached the two men, and loudly, and at some length tried to sell them on a new religious experience. In the confusion, the lone man takes his opportunity, and leaves rapidly, but not so rapidly that Zartik is unable to follow him. Introducing himself to the man he aided, he finds that the man he assisted was Danealle Silvertail of House Rath, one of the cities trading houses. It seems that the men had been trying to obtain some items that he was preparing to trade at an upcoming auction.

Following the incident with Zartik, the two men take seats with the man that Kitty had followed. It is while the three of them are talking that Kitty overhears mention that the two had failed to capture their target, and obtain the items they had been sent to collect. The third man tells his colleagues that he managed to drop the paper into the pocket of the potential recruit, at which point Kitty leaves, and disposes of the paper she’d been given.



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