Dragos - Fires Over Hellenasville

Attack On The Citadel - Introduction

Prequel to Fires Over Hellenasville Campaign

Time & Date:

Start Date: 9th March 2010
Start Time: 8pm – close
Location: Kingdom Games & Comics, Palmer, Alaska
Event: Fall of the Citadel of the Three Towers – Fires Over Hellenasville (Prequel)

A group of prisoners were being escorted back to their cells in the Citadel of the Three Towers, when reptilian creatures attacked the guards who were escorting them back to their cells. The first guard fell, unexpectedly, to an arrow through the throat. Rather than try and continue to detain the prisoners, the guards opted to allow them to join the defense.

Fighting through the first wave of attackers, the guards helped the prisoners locate weapons and armor, in the hopes of providing them the means to survive the attack, or at the very least reduce the number of attackers. Having considered their options, the guards decided to go help the judges of the Order of Justice, who were fighting in the Tower of Judgement, while the prisoners opted to head towards the chapel, and assist any civilians, or priests of the Order. Despite a very valiant attempt to fight through the invaders, the prisoners were not in time to stop the deaths of the priests, but they did manage to interrupt the body looting that was going on.

They finally fought their way to the entrance hall, and freedom, only to find themselves facing overwhelming odds. Taking advantage of gaps in the oncoming forces, the prisoners took cover, as wave after wave of reptilian invaders swept past them. Just as the last invaders passed their position, a huge explosion rocked the area, and a huge winged shape was silhouetted against the fireball. An angry roar split the air as the creature took to the air, and rained destruction down on the invading forces. The prisoners took advantage of the confusion to flee the scene, and live the rest of their lives as free citizens.

Pre-Generated Characters:

Druuk the Bloody, Kallista, Peren the Trickster, Rhogar the Blade, Sly Sariel


Thanks to everyone who showed up and made this a fun event to run. Don’t forget to create your new 1st level characters :) Oh, and everyone earned 192 XP for playing. Please apply this to your new character sheets!


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